Prepaid Cell Phones

What Every Consumer Should Know About Prepaid Cellphones

As prepaid cellphones continue becoming more popular consumers desire to know more about these amazing little cellphones and their plans. These pay as you go plans are becoming more interesting than the traditional monthly plans to consumers all over. 

The main idea about prepaid cellphones is paying for only the time the phone is actually used, instead of paying that monthly fee, whether your phone is being used that much or not.

Also with prepaid cellphones there is no deposit required to be paid.  Consumers have found there to be some huge advantages over the traditional monthly contracts in that they are not tied down into a contract. 

Another advantage of prepaid cellphones is parents have the ability to control the usage of cellphone time of by their children.  With a contract you cannot change providers if you decide have a issue and are no longer happy with their services, but with a prepaid cellphone you can change when ever you want.

Basically all you have to do with a prepaid cellphone is purchase one, which are priced as low as $15, then pay an activation fee of around $25.  The activation fee is with your selected service provider or it is the service provider that comes with your phone. 

The next step is to purchase a phone card with a specified amount of minutes, and some prepaid cellphones come with a startup phone card to enable the consumer to begin using their phone immediately. 

Other phone cards will typically range between the price of $10 and $100 depending on the number of minutes attached to the card.

A lot of consumers are wondering exactly what the catch is, and the one thing that the consumer may not be aware of at the time of purchase is that the minutes have an expiration date.  Ultimately, if you do not use your minutes, then you will lose them. 

Also the cheaper the prepaid plan, then the shorter amount of time for active minutes until there expiration time.  Most providers will allow you one way to save your unused minutes so that they can be rolled over to the next period, but to do this you have to purchase more minutes before these expire.

Be realistic when purchasing minutes to use with your phone and choose your service provider wisely, but then again it is always very easy to switch carriers.

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